My favourite Twitch voices

More bloggers have found their way to Twitch over the past year. Additional free time during lockdown and a desire to connect with others more immediately gave many the opportunity to try streaming for the first time or to do it more frequently.

There are three main elements that combine to make a good stream experience for me. First, it’s more fun when other blogger-friends are in char because it feels like we’re all hanging out; then next, it’s more enjoyable when the game being played is from a genre I’m interested in. The last factor may sound strange but it’s something we’ve talked about on a few occasions recently: it always helps when the streamer has a soothing voice you could listen to for hours.

Many of my blogger-friends now stream regularly (shout-out to the #CoolKidsofWordPressonTwitch) and each of them have something special that makes them worth watching. Today’s post however is about those who are worth listening to; their voices leave me hypnotised and make me feel disappointed with my own Essex accent. Check out the following streamers when they’re next live and you’ll hear what I mean.

Darkshoxx from Darkshoxx

With Darkshoxx, it’s not so much the sound of his voice but what he says and how he phrases sentences. He’s a highly intelligent person and this makes for interesting conversations about gaming and a range of other subjects during each stream; and although he isn’t shy about honestly voicing his point-of-view, he does it in a way that’s polite and is always willing to listen to others’ opinions. He also plays some great adventure games and I’ve added many more titles to my wishlist thanks to him.

Fed from FeddyGamer

I love how conversations with Fed are always so down-to-earth. Forget about hard-hitting subjects and breaking news: what you’ll find on his streams are discussions about normal, everyday things such as how hard it is to keep your kids to sleep through the night and comparisons between brands of cola. You can tell he’s a good dad. There’s something about his voice which is incredibly soothing and it’s always a pleasure when someone redeems their points to get him to sing a nursery-rhyme.

Nathan from GamingOmnivore

Ever since Nathan played Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers for our game-swap last year, I can’t help but think of the protagonist each time I tune into one of his streams. In fact, if a fourth game in the series were to be announced, I’d have an extremely hard time deciding between whether I wanted him or Tim Curry to be the main voice-actor. Nathan’s streams are fun because he never takes himself too seriously and there are plenty of impressions to keep you laughing.

Will from HudsonGamingUK

Will’s voice is a familiar sound in the Later Levels’ house of a weekend. My other-half will have his stream on while he’s messing around with something on his laptop at the kitchen table, and I listen in while I’m baking or sorting out lunch. There’s something about the smooth sound of his voice which makes all the screams and gunfire from Escape from Tarkov fade into the background instantly – it’s easy to focus in on him and forget he’s talking over a digital warzone.

hungrygoriya from hungrygoriya

I sadly don’t often get a chance to tune into hungrygoriya’s streams regularly due to the large time difference between the UK and Canada. But when the opportunity arises to catch her live, I love listening to her voice because it’s so lovely (even when she’s talking about murdering all the people in Skies of Arcadia). What makes it even better is that she clearly knows a lot about retro gaming and is a kind person, welcoming everyone to her channel and being interested in what viewers have to say.

Heather from KiaraHime

Heather has been a regular visitor to our streams over the past year and recently decided to start streaming herself. She’s doing a great job so far and that’s partly due to her voice: she always sounds so clear and has a lovely ‘British’ sound, which makes me feel thoroughly jealous when I compare it to my own Essex accent! We’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with her at expos in the past and she’s just the same in person as she comes across on her channel.

Special mention: Phil

Friend-of-the-blog Phil bravely stepped up to the challenge when we asked if he’d like to get involved with our GameBlast21 streams this year and we’re grateful to him for his help! You’ll be able to catch him on the Later Levels’ Twitch channel on Thursdays and Sundays up until the end of May. If you listen to him closely, you might be able to figure out that he’s related to another streamer on today’s list: he and Heather are siblings and have the same well-spoken tone to their voices.

Thank you to all the friends on today’s list, as well as the other #CoolKidsofWordPressonTwitch, for making the past year a little more bearable with their streams. Are there any other streamers who have great voices that you’d like to recommend?

13 thoughts on “My favourite Twitch voices

  1. I will never stop the murder spree! But also, thank you kindly here for the mention and for highlighting some other channels. I’ll definitely check a few of these others out and of course try to get back to yours soon. I hope Game Blast is going smoothly!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. “Never takes himself too seriously” – yeah…sounds about right. Then I shift gears into pretentiously talking about Prog rock, Metal Gear Solid games, and single malt scotch…🧐

    If a fourth Gabriel Knight were announced, Tim Curry can have the role, I’d be happy to settle for something like random shop owner with a catch phrase – “Good to see ya, Gabe. How’s it hangin?” 😅


  3. I want more… KFC. 🙃

    Inside joke aside, YOU AND PETE sound freaking awesome on stream too. Fight me on that! Your accents sound really cool and your tones give off comforting vibes. It sounds like you’re ‘real’ people who actually care about their community and all that. Plus all the brilliant sarcasm! Keep rocking it, Later Levels ♥


  4. Hahaha oh my gosh! 😅 Thank you for mentioning me here! I’ve never thought of my voice as being soothing but that’s a lovely compliment 😊 I’m also surprised you remembered me talking about something as banal as Asda Diet Cola versus Pepsi Max 😂 In any case, I agree very much that seeing everyone in chat is a welcome sight. It creates a sense of community and I’m all about that 🙂✌️


    • Sometimes you just want to have a good old chat with a fellow parent about something from everyday life, and I love that we talk about this kind of stuff on your channel! The nursery rhymes are also a selling point too. 😉

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