Gaming facts FTW

For April’s EXP Share, the awesome DanamesX from Tales from the Backlog has invited the community to highlight trivia about their favourite video games. Is there an interesting gaming fact you’d like to share?

For my own post for the event, I had trouble deciding on just one so I decided to do something different and put together a little quiz. Below is a series of 50 questions, each from a different year in gaming history from 1972 to 2021, so why not grab a cup of coffee and see how much you know? Regular readers and visitors to our Twitch streams are likely to recognise the titles that Pete and I are fond of – good luck!

1972: Who created Pong?
 Allan Alcorn 
1973: What was the first commercial maze game?
1974: Which home game console was reissued for released in the UK?
 Magnavox Odyssey 
1975: dnd was the first video game to include what?
 A boss 
1976: What was the first text adventure ever released?
 Colossal Cave Adventure 
1977: What is the starting location in Zork I?
 West of House 
1978: What was Space Invaders originally titled?
 Space Monsters 
1979: What was the first handheld console to use interchangeable cartridges?
1980: The idea of eating a power pill to give Pac-Man super strength came from which cartoon?
1981: What is the career of the hero in Donkey Kong?
1982: Which 8-bit home computer was released and became one of the best-selling of all time?
 Commodore 64 
1983: Which video game is cited as a major contributing factor to the video game crash?
 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial 
1984: The famous Tetris song is an arrangement of which Russian folk tune?
1985: How many targets are there in each round of Duck Hunt?
1986: Which was the first LucasArts’ adventure game?
 Labyrinth: The Computer Game 
1987: Solid Snake is based on which film character?
 Snake Plissken 
1988: Which animals can you assume the form of in Altered Beast?
 Wolf, dragon, bear and tiger 
1989: How much money do you need to collect for the best ending in DuckTales?
1990: What is the correct reponse to ‘You fight like a dairy farmer’?
 How appropriate, you fight like a cow 
1991: What was Sonic the Hedgehog’s original name?
 Mr Needlemouse 
1992: Which Guinness World Record is held by Alone in the Dark?
 First 3D survivial horror 
1993: Where is Atrus trapped in Myst?
1994: How many titles were released worldwide for the PlayStation?
1995: Which famous expo was first held in 1995?
 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 
1996: Who is the best-selling video game heroine?
 Lara Croft 
1997: Which cities are featured in the first Grand Theft Auto game?
 Liberty City, San Andreas and Vice City 
1998: Which organisation does Manny work for in Year 1 of Grim Fandango?
 Department of Death (DoD) 
1999: What are the names of the contrasting worlds featured in The Longest Journey?
 Arcadia and Stark 
2000: Omikron: The Nomad Soul featured a cameo by which musician?
 David Bowie 
2001: Which wrestler helped Bill Gates reveal the original Xbox?
 The Rock 
2002: What are the first creatures you’re taught to round up in Herdy Gerdy?
2003: How many animal species are there to take photographs of in Beyond Good & Evil?
2004: Eating which snack is considered an act of evil in Fable?
 Crunchy chicks 
2005: What did Raz ride to escape the circus in Psychonauts?
 World’s Smallest Pony 
2006: Which comedy-drama series set on Wisteria Lane was turned into a life-simulation game?
 Desperate Housewives 
2007: The Witcher is based on a series of novels by which author?
 Andrzej Sapkowski 
2008: What is the name of the brand of vending machines in BioShock?
 Circus of Value 
2009: In Uncharted 2, Drake is approached by Harry and Chloe to help steal an oil lamp connected to who?
 Marco Polo 
2010: What is Ethan’s motel number in Heavy Rain?
2011: Paarthurnax’s voice-actor in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim also voiced which other video game character?
2012: What was the first video game soundtrack to ever be nominated for a Grammy Award?
2013: Which personality voiced the narrator for Thomas Was Alone?
 Danny Wallace 
2014: How much did Amazon buy Twitch for?
 $970 million 
2015: How many database video clips can you unlock in Her Story?
2016: Which pet can be found in several locations during Firewatch?
2017: What colour are Aloy’s eyes?
2018: Which model of android was Connor in Detroit: Become Human?
2019: What connection to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles can be found in The Division 2?
 Radical Pizza box and nunchucks 
2020: Which radio station do Poe and Munro work for?
 Radio August 
2021: What’s the name of the pub featured in The Dark Side of the Moon?
 The Crown 

16 thoughts on “Gaming facts FTW

    • I know, right? I only found this out while doing some research for the post… but now I’m tempted to track down a copy and persuade my other-half to play it. πŸ˜†

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Thank you for sharing! This was a fun and creative way to do this prompt and I really enjoyed it.

    If you want to know my score, I got a cool, crisp 10/49!


    • Hey, that’s far more than I would have achieved! It was fun researching the facts for each year – there was definitely some trivia I’d never heard about before. πŸ™‚


  2. Why am I not surprised you found a way to stick Poe and Munro in there… πŸ˜† Great way to answer this prompt! I actually learned a lot of gaming things I didn’t know.


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