Later Levels’ leave: taking a break

Summer is on its way, the weather is getting warmer and a nice glass of something cold is waiting outside. As mentioned in yesterday’s Save Point post, we’re giving ourselves some time off during June and taking a break from both blogging and streaming.

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported us through our GameBlast21 streams since February and helped raise £4,753 for SpecialEffect. This is an absolutely amazing amount and will help many more physically-disabled people across the UK benefit from the joy of video games. Shout-outs to the best mods we could have asked for, Ellen from Ace Asunder and friend-of-the-blog Phil, along with all the regulars who joined us in chat and made each evening feel like we were hanging out with friends.

We’re looking forward to taking some time out over the next month after all that hard work. There are a few family matters which need to be attended to but we have fun stuff planned too: a new barbecue has been ordered for the garden, our local pub has now re-opened and there are people we’re looking forward to catching up with. There’ll also be a few video games thrown in for good measure, along with our regular World of Warcraft and Shadowrun evenings with online friends.

Who knows: we may decide to extend our break into July if we enjoy the next few weeks. We’re due a good holiday after almost five years of continuous blogging and streaming here at Later Levels, and it seems a shame to cut it short if we feel need a bit longer to recover. That doesn’t mean we’re disappearing completely though; you’ll still see us around online and can get in touch if you need us, and we’ll be back properly at some point in the near future.

Whatever you have planned for the summer, we hope you have a great time. Look after yourselves and we’ll see you again soon!

Kim and Pete ❤️