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floppy disk, the blogger, later levels

Hey friend! I’m Kim. It’s lovely to meet you.

I’ve been playing video games for over three decades now so I guess that makes me what you’d call an ‘older’ gamer (dammit). I’ve had a thing for point-and-clicks and wannabe pirates since finding The Secret of Monkey Island on my Amiga as a nine-year old and the adventure genre will always hold a special place in my heart.

In the real world I work in IT with SQL and databases, which allows me to indulge my obsession for data, flowcharts and spreadsheets. When I’m at home and not on the sofa playing video games, you can usually find me in the kitchen baking something sweet (I make an awesome meringue) or cooking a meal (with far too much chilli in it).

I regularly take road-trips with my husband Pete and stepson Ethan to gaming expos around the UK, and often volunteer at these for the charity SpecialEffect. We also take part in their annual GameBlast marathon and regular streams with our cat Zelda, who has the uncanny ability to start meowing whenever we go live.

Fancy playing sometime or want to chat? Track me down on social media and gaming platforms at @kissingthepixel.

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