Creative Christmas: party playlist

It’s day four of the Creative Christmas collaboration, where a group of bloggers come together to tackle 12 video-game-related questions based around a loose festive storyline. Following on from yesterday’s answer about helping out in Santa’s workshop, the next question is:

It’s now Christmas Eve and you’re throwing a lively party for all your friends, family and favourite characters. Which video game soundtracks would be on your playlist?

My answer

I’m a huge fan of the eighties and love most things to do with the decade. I’d also love to throw the perfect party like those you see in the movies: ones with glitter, streamers and big puffball skirts, where everyone on the dancefloor knows the exact same moves. It’s therefore no surprise my Christmas gathering would be inspired by the decade and feature video game soundtracks to suit the mood.

To kick us off, I’d start with the music used throughout Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It’s so awesome that it even got its own official release. With classics such as Run To You and Waiting for a Girl Like You (not to mention the DJs), it’s perfect for dancing yourself silly and singing at the top of your voice until your throat hurts.

Next up we’d turn to chiptune and keep it old-school by visiting the original Outrun soundtrack. My brother had the title on his Game Gear when we were young and I used to steal it all the time so I could play it (much to his annoyance). My favourite track was Passing Breeze and it takes me back to being a kid when I hear it.

Keeping the vibe going but taking a modern turn, we’d move onto the soundtrack from Neon Drive. This isn’t a game I’ve played myself just yet but one I was turned onto after reading this review on Pardon The Gamer. I absolutely adore its bright visuals and eighties aesthetic, and the music suits them right down to the ground.

Hotline Miami isn’t a game you’d think about alongside Christmas due to its level of violence, and it’s actually not my cup-of-tea in terms of gameplay. But one area where it does strike all the right notes (pun intended) is with its music. This has got to be one of the best soundtracks within a video game and perfect for an eighties party.

To round the evening off, we’d go for the big finale: If It’s Not Alright Now, It Will Be Soon by Chris from OverThinker Y. This is a track this talented man wrote for me when I participated in his Musical Mayhem series earlier this year, and I absolutely love it.

Other answers

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🎄   Luna from GamersUnitedGG Blog
🎮   LightningEllen from LightningEllen’s Release
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🎉   Dan and Jon from
🎁   Chris from OverThinker Y
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🦃   Kevin from The Mental Attic
👗   The Shameful Narcissist Speaks

The Creative Christmas collaboration is open to everyone and further details can be found in this post if you’d like to join in! Tomorrow’s question: The party is still going strong and you find yourself conveniently positioned under the mistletoe. Which video game character would you call over for a cheeky kiss?

Question of the Month: March 2017 edition

It’s that time again: we’re back with our next question of the month, where we attempt to answer a quandary that has been taxing the gaming community since it first picked up a controller. We’re battling it out with our friends and blogging neighbours in order to find the ultimate response in 100 words or less – and we’re asking you to decide on the best by voting in our poll.

But first, let’s take a look at last month’s question and find out who the winner is!

Last month’s results: what’s the hardest video game in the universe, ever?

We received 17 votes in total, which isn’t at all bad considering it was the first instalment in the question of the month series. We also had some good answers from members of the community who opted to enter their own choices rather than choose one in our poll:

khinjarsi from Upon Completion went for the original Rayman, while benez256 from I ❤ Old Games! chose Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels. Was the answer from Kangarou of Momentum Games better though, Takeshi’s Challenge? Or was it topped by Zelda II: The Adventure of Link from Wakalapi? That’s not all though, because a person who wished to remain anonymous opted for Ecco the Dolphin.

As for which of our contenders won: it was a tie between DuckTales (Kim) and I Wanna Be The Guy (Tim from GeekOut South-West) with 25% of the votes each. Well done guys and a big thank you to everyone who voted! Now let’s see the competition heat up for the next question…

March’s question: which video game has the best soundtrack?

In honour of our special guest, the talented Chris from OverThinker Y, we’ve gone in a musical direction this month. Soundtracks are an important part of the gaming experience and add colour to a digital world so it’s time to show them some love and recognition. Let’s reveal our contenders for the trophy…

Answer 1:   Dreamfall Chapters

Kevin is a geek and proud of it: no matter the situation, no matter the environment or the people around him, you’ll hear him discuss novels, games and films with anyone who’ll listen. He’ll also discuss his answer if you ask him nicely and you can find out why he chose Dreamfall Chapters on The Mental Attic.

Answer 2:   Final Fantasy IX

Tim is a guy who likes to get dressed up, have a good time, meet people who are passionate about their respective geekdoms and encourage everyone to be vocal about who they are. He’s also vocal about his answer for this month’s question – check out his argument for Final Fantasy IX over on GeekOut South-West.

Answer 3:   Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Kim says: “Despite being accused of choosing a game which ‘positively stole’ its soundtrack (thanks Kevin), you can’t deny that the music used throughout Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is absolutely awesome. So awesome in fact that it even got its own official release. With classics such as Run To You, Waiting for a Girl Like You and All Night Long (not to mention the DJs), it creates the perfect backdrop for racing through the city and causing mayhem. It’s just pure perfection for anyone who’s an 80s child like myself.”

Answer 4:   Kingdom Hearts

Chris from OverThinker Y says: “I really like video game music in general, so picking one to be my very favourite of all time was so hard I went off and wrote 2,000 words just listing ones I like. In the end, though, I’ve got to go with the Kingdom Hearts series. Maybe I’m cheating, since some of the tracks are remixes of Disney or Final Fantasy tunes, but I reckon there are enough brilliant originals in there to justify my choice. It’s epic, it’s fun, it’s beautiful, and every world and character has their own unique motif, which build up into symphonies of pure awesome.”

Answer 5:   Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Nathan, friend of the site says: “From the moment you press the start button, the first key notes of Uncharted 2 hit you and give you the sense that epic adventure awaits! The music throughout the game gracefully sets the tone, making the player feel what Nathan Drake is going through. The best example of this us when he discovers the pirate compound and the camera pans out to reveal the ocean; the soundtrack matches the moment beautifully and makes the feel the grands scale of the challenge in front of Mr Drake. Uncharted 2 deserves to win this month.”

So who’s got it right, and who’s got it so wrong that they deserve to listen to Sagat’s theme on repeat for the rest of eternity? Cast your votes in the poll opposite and we’ll reveal the most popular answer on Friday, 07 April 2017 along with the next question.

Got a question you’d like to see us struggle over next month? Or would you like to join in and add your own answer into our polls on a regular basis? Leave us a message in the comments below or get in touch!