Gamers’ Guide to Isolation: alone but together

Welcome back to the final part of the Gamers’ Guide to Isolation, a short series here at Later Levels put together to help you through the current time of social distancing. After three weeks being indoors, it’s important we continue to look out for each other.

On Monday we looked at releases to make you feel like you’re outside even though you’re indoors, ones which give you the chance to stretch your digital legs and take a long hike, gentle stroll or relaxing bike-ride. Then on Wednesday, we discussed games you can play even while you’re meant to be working from home – because let’s face it, we all need something to give us a few minutes’ break from looking at spreadsheets or listening in on conference calls that go on for far too long.

So what have we got lined up for the last day of the series? With the help of my awesome blogger-friends, we’ve put together a list of titles to make you feel as though you’re hanging out with friends even though we’ve all been told to stay at home. The isolation part of dealing with COVID-19 is perhaps the hardest part for a lot of people and there’s no need to go through it alone! If you fancy some company, grab one of the following games and let’s hang out.

Don’t Starve Together

Suggested by Dan from

Don’t Starve Together is the multiplayer version of Klei Entertainment’s glorious and hugely irritating Don’t Starve. An unforgiving and incredibly rewarding experience of crafting, surviving, fighting off giant badgers while you harvest honey. The amount of content they’ve made available over the years is staggering. The game takes this joy a step further, allowing you to survive and gather resources with your friends. I’m not sure what the current player limit is, but it used to be six. There’s spelunking, mystery, danger and cries of ‘What the heck was that noise!?’ throughout.”

Insaniquarium Deluxe

Suggested by Quietschisto from RNG

“The objectively correct answer, of course, would be to go online and actually play with your friends! But I don’t have any friends like big multiplayer games, so we have to look for an alternative. Also, social gatherings are forbidden, for now, so let’s take a look at games I have played with friends – offline.

Insaniquarium Deluxe. Yes, it’s just a stupid little clicker game, but it’s a stupid little clicker game I hold dearly. At some point, both of my sisters played it (probably their only video game ever), and my brother-in-law (he was still one of my sisters’ boyfriend back then) played it too. The four of us would constantly race to unlock all the pets, grow our virtual fish tank (which was done in ‘real-time’ over a couple of weeks) and to find all the pets’ backstories.

“I also played all three Dark Souls games for the first time alongside two friends, who were veterans. So I would struggle throughout the games, while they’d be in NG++, and sometimes watch via the Steam broadcast to mock me or give me some hints. But let’s be honest here, they usually mocked me.”

Mass Effect

Suggested by Solarayo from Ace Asunder

“You’re never alone with friends by your side and video game characters can absolutely feel like real friends. If you’re looking for some fine virtual friends I can say Commander Shepard and Pathfinder Ryder know how to attract the coolest companion life forms! BioWare’s Mass Effect series is the absolute pinnacle of perfection when it comes to companion character creation. You will get to know all the characters like family throughout the expansive space story. The beloved Mass Effect buddies will always stay by your side no matter what horrible fate is befalling the galaxy, all while cracking sarcastic jokes and probably flirting with you. If that’s not true friendship, I don’t know what is.”

Mass Effect (again)

Suggested by The Gaming Diaries

“There are plenty of times that you can play games with your friends through online multiplayer, however you can also make friends with the characters in game. The characters can become your friends and make you feel a part of something bigger, or just part of a family that you didn’t know you needed to find. A series of games that have made me feel like is Mass Effect. Throughout the trilogy and Andromeda, you meet fascinating characters who become a part of your crew and so much more than just teammates. You have the characters like Liam who try to keep the spirits up, Garrus who is your buddy, Joker who is always there to make you laugh, Mordin who brings the science and the songs, Tali who is a bit of a dreamer and wise beyond her years and so many more. Each of them becomes a member of the Shepard / Ryder crew but they start becoming their friends and yours along the way. I formed such attachments to these characters, gained a bit of understanding to the ones I didn’t like as much, but I wouldn’t want to be without them. Sometimes you don’t need real world people to make you feel like you are together. Sometimes the characters on screen can make us feel like we are hanging out together as well.”


Suggested by Dale from UnCapt

“The simplicity of being able to leave a realm up for your group to join and leave as they want to is a perfect remedy for the loneliness. Working on projects or simply surviving with friends is fun enough, but within my group, things go south quickly and everyone becomes pranksters. With how open and freeing Minecraft is, you can truly express your personality in what you do. Talking to and playing games with your friends is one thing, but watching them play something as they want to and work on what they enjoy is a reward in itself!”

No More Room in Hell

Suggested by Luke from Hundstrasse

“Heck, I could have picked out one of many online games that my friends and I have played over the years, but I think the community-made No More Room in Hell takes the prize here, not only because it’s a game that (despite its bugs and flaws) we keep coming back to, but also because it’s a game that makes me really feel as though I’m hanging out with friends. To survive you really have to work together as a strong team which means constant chat, planning, inventory swapping, and keeping an eye on everyone in the group. This isn’t a run-and-gun loose collection of people all kind of doing their own thing, in NMRiH players need to plan, cover each other, co-ordinate ammo types, and oh so slowly pick their way through a bleak zombie apocalypse. It’s this constant communication mixed up with general chat in the quiet moments that shrink the miles between us all sat in our respective homes. “

The Elder Scrolls Online

Suggested by Kim from Later Levels

“I started playing The Elder Scrolls Online on my own back in December 2015 but it wasn’t long before I realised it was much more fun with friends. First, I persuaded my other-half to play and we could be found adventuring through the wilds together most evenings; then we began to play with Tim and Jake from Timlah’s Texts & Unity3D Tech. We ended up meeting up online with these guys and Phil every Tuesday during our GameBlast20 streams and it was great hanging out with them online each week.”

And that’s the final part of our Gamers’ Guide to Isolation done! Thank you so much to all my blogger-friends who took part and helped put this series together. Please do take care of yourselves and your loved-ones, and let’s keep the conversation going.

Self-care ideas from video games

Pushing forward with the main quest and levelling up, while getting distracted by side-missions and non-player characters (NPCs) along the way. Am I talking about an RPG or real-life here? Things can get hectic in both worlds and it’s important to take time out for yourself.

Self-care is any activity done to take care of your mental, emotional and physical health. Many people confuse it with being ‘selfish’ but it’s far from it; looking after ourselves in all aspects of our lives means we have more energy and spirit to give to others. It’s about making purposeful efforts and doing so can cut back on stress and worry. Video games can be a great source of inspiration when it comes self-care activities, and here are six ideas I’ve picked up.

The Elder Scrolls Online: read a book

video game, The Elder Scrolls Online, Argonian, female, lizard, woman, book, reading, libraryReading isn’t only a good way to expand your horizons and increase your understanding, it’s also a relaxing activity that allows you to stop for a moment and take some time out for yourself. Even the most serious adventures realise how important it is to take a break from hard questing every once in a while to leaf through a few pages of an ancient tome. If you’re not a ‘book’ kind of person, why not try a visual novel instead? Grab your book or laptop, a warm drink, and curl up for an hour to get lost in a good story.

Eastshade: be creative

Eastshade, video game, countryside, mountains, hot-air balloon, easel, canvas, paintingEastshade has to be the loveliest game I’ve experienced so far this year, perhaps ever. Playing it may be a form of self-care in itself but it also teaches players about the simple pleasure of making something. Be it cooking, sculpting, painting like the protagonist here or anything else creative, giving yourself such an outlet can provide the space needed to take a mental break as well as producing something that makes others think, feel or smile. My own creative channel is blogging and I’m thankful for the opportunities it has provided.

Proteus: go for a walk

Proteus, video game, countryside, seaside, trees, sky, grass, waterAs my stepson told me recently after returning from a visit to the local woods with my parents: “Walking through the forest really de-stresses me.” You never know what wildlife you’re going to come across as you enter the trees, and you’re never sure which creatures you’re going to see in the procedurally-generated Proteus. Being outside in the fresh-air and surrounded by nature has a way of calming your mind; there’s something meditative about focusing on the rhythm of your footsteps and the birdsong around you.

Kind Words: write it down

Kind Words, video game, bedroom, letter, writing, desk, bed, windowWhen I have too much going on in my head and in beginning to feel overwhelmed, I pick up my diary and write everything down in a list. It feels as though I can breathe again afterwards and focus on what’s important. Other people keep journals, others write poems, others send letters. Although the basis of Kind Words is sending those letters on to a stranger and possibly receiving words of encouragement or advice in return, that’s not always the important aspect: sometimes just getting it out and on paper can be enough.

Night in the Woods: hang out with your friends

Night in the Woods, video game, Mae, cat, Bea, crocodile, Gregg, fox, Angus, bear, living room, sofa, hanging outOne of the things I liked most about Night in the Woods was its depiction of friendship. It’s not always smooth-sailing and there are bumps in the road with any relationship; but good friends will always be there for you. Sometimes forgetting about what’s happening and just being silly together for an hour or two – squirting people with water at the shopping mall, eating bad pizza at the local diner or hanging out at a mate’s house for example – can be the best medicine in the world. A close friend can help with the following activity too.

Mass Effect: talk about it

Mass Effect, video game, conversation, FemShep, woman, Commander Shepard, Garrus, alienIf there’s something on your mind – like a powerful mechanical race trying to take over the universe, for example – one of the best things you can do is head down into the cargo bay and share it with your crew. They’ll be a source of valuable support and advice, and show that you don’t have to go through anything alone. Talking isn’t only a great self-care activity in times of trouble. It can also help you develop your character, as well as find out more about the thoughts and feelings of those individuals who have your back.

And that list brings us to our final self-care activity suggestion: play video games. Certain titles have been developed to help players manage stress and anxiety, but even playing other games can have beneficial effects. As Teri Mae from Sheikah Plate wrote: “[Playing a game] allows me to be in control of my entire situation. If I want to explore in that direction, I can. I get to control where I go, when I accomplish tasks, how long it’ll take, and how to approach an enemy. This, for someone who feels like their life is spiralling, is a positive experience and helps me feel a little more inner peace and calm.”

What self-care lessons have you picked up from video games, and which titles do you turn to when you need some time out?

Wonderful women in video games

Female characters in video games have come a long way over the past few years. When I was a kid, all we had to look up to was Chun-Li from Street Fighter and pointy-boobed Lara Croft from Tomb Raider. The industry may still have some way to go when it comes to representation but there are far more protagonists nowadays who are worthy of our admiration.

A big thank you to LightningEllen from Livid Lightning for including Later Levels in her Underrated Ladies! tag and giving me the opportunity to write about the following fabulous females. She’s pretty awesome herself so if you’re not already following this lady, do yourself a favour and make sure you check out her blog today. In honour of all the amazing women in video games and the blogging community, let’s take a look at some of the best female protagonists.

A heroine who is always overshadowed by the male characters in the story

Mass Effect, video game, female, FemShep, Commander Shepard, faceAlthough FemShep has a huge following, she’s always overshadowed by male Commander Shepard. He’s the one pictured in screenshots used in articles devoted to Mass Effect; and she was a half-hearted addition to the first game in the series after BioWare only bothered to record a couple of romance scenes, change the pronouns used in conversations and tweak the armour designs. But somehow she works and she kicks butt. In not particularly trying to create a great female character, the developer lucked out and made one of the best.

A heroine who is always overshadowed by the other female characters in the story

Night in the Woods, video game, kitchen, cats, conversation, Kandy, Mom, MaeMy favourite character from Night in the Woods was Candy Borowski. I love the way the story hints at her being more than just a mum: she’s had a history (one I like to think was pretty wild) and she’s dealing with issues she’s trying to keep her daughter shielded from. Although female protagonists Mae and Bea Santello take up most of the screen-time and are the focus of the story, it’s Candy who brings both a sense of humour and the warmth of compassion to the title with her comments about eels and town gossip.

A character who had potential but was greatly underutilised in her story

The Secret of Monkey Island, Elaine Marley, woman, pirate, face, Guybrush ThreepwoodAlthough The Secret of Monkey Island will always be one of my favourite games, I wouldn’t necessarily say Guybrush Threepwood was one of my favourite characters. He becomes more and more sarcastic and idiotic as the series progresses – and it’s poor Elaine Marley who has to put up with that crap. It was she who saved the day in the original title before Guybrush mucked it up and managed to defeat LeChuck through sheer luck – and I think that makes of worthy of being a playable protagonist in her own game.

A character who you want more backstory on

Dreamfall, The Longest Journey, April Ryan, face, womanThe first game in The Longest Journey series featured April Ryan as the primary character; then the next, Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, jumped forward ten-years in time to Zoë Castillo. April still made an appearance but she’d changed, the hesitant young girl replaced by a cynical woman hardened by the things she’d been through. Although Ragnar Tørnquist has said it’s very unlikely we’ll ever see a direct sequel to the first instalment, I’d love to find out more about what exactly happened to April in that missing decade.

A character with traits that are sadly overlooked by everyone

The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time, Navi, fairy, LinkEveryone who’s ever played The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time really dislikes Navi. I’ll admit she annoys me too with her constant ‘Hey, listen!’ but she has a lot of good traits that are continually overlooked. She’s loyal, staying by Link’s side throughout his quest to save Hyrule; she’s patient, teaching him the controls and providing clues to solve puzzles; and she has his back during battles, becoming his focusing target. So many great and caring aspects to her personality yet all we do is yell at the fairy to shut-up.

A morally-grey character

Fable II, video game, Theresa, babyIt’s difficult to share much about Theresa here as her Fable backstory is so detailed. But the most intriguing thing is the fact you’re never quite sure whether she’s on the side of good or evil: is she telling you all she knows, or has she seen the future and is now trying to guide you down a certain path? Zoë Wanamaker does such a great job at portraying the Seeress, with a perfect balance of mysticism and threat in her voice. Now whenever I see a television advert voiced by her I feel as if Theresa is trying to sell me something.

A character who should be more famous

Cognition, An Erica Reed Thriller, Erica Reed, FBI, face, gunShe may be a kickass FBI Agent who’s searching for the evil Cain Killer, her brother’s murderer, and her ‘psion’ powers might give her an advantage by enabling her to see into the past. But Cognition’s Erica is by no means a superhero and her weaknesses are exactly the reason why I love her. Raleigh Holmes does an amazing job of portraying her as a real person who’s struggling with a stressful job, tragic past and powerful secret. It’s her wonderful voice-acting and some great writing which bring Agent Reed to life.

Thanks so much once again to LightningEllen for the tag and giving me the chance to talk about these wonderful ladies! I didn’t respond to all of the prompts as there were a couple I couldn’t quite decide on answers for, so head over to her post to see the whole set. Hopefully I’ve done enough today though to celebrate wonderful women in video games and she’ll approve!

Best of friends: video game buddies

Next Tuesday is International Friendship Day. It’s a time for celebrating the positive effect your friends have had on your life and showing your appreciation, as well as participating in activities which bring people from different backgrounds together.

Good pals are just as important in video games as they are in real life. When you consider all the situations that could be thrown at a protagonist – armed enemies, deadly curses, scary monsters and more – it makes sense they’d want someone along for the ride who’s got be their back. So in honour of the event, I’ve put together a list of some my favourite friendly people. These guys are always there for each other through whatever digital dangers thrown at them.

Ben and Dan from the Ben There, Dan That series

Ben There Dan That, video game, Ben, Dan, home, sofa, living room, television, aerialYou know there’s always that one friend who’s completely on the same level as you? One who knows what you’re thinking, can finish your sentences and snorts at your crude jokes? Well that’s Ben and Dan. Whether they’re attempting to fix a broken television antenna so they can watch Magnum, P.I. or interrupting their time-travelling future selves in achieving world domination, you can guarantee they’re having a laugh while doing it. You get the feeling that they’re still going to be the best of friends and causing mayhem well into old age.

Ico and Yorda from ICO

There may not be anything romantic about this couple but it’s definitely a friendship built on trust – a theme throughout Team Ico’s releases (a subject for a future blog post perhaps). Although the game may start with Ico saving Yorda from a cage and leading her by the hand through a huge castle overrun with shadowy spirits, by the end it’s clear he needs her just as much. That moment after defeating the evil queen when the princess says goodbye to her friend is almost heartbreaking, and it makes their reunion scene after the credits even more uplifting. What does the future hold for them?

Commander Shepard and Garrus from the Mass Effect series

Mass Effect, Mass Effect 3, video game, men, Commander Shepard, Garrus, alienFriends should be there for you no matter what and this is proven by the undying loyalty between Commander Shepard and Garrus. From saving the world from an evil alien invasion to uncovering the secrets behind the fabric of our existence, whatever is thrown at them brings these two even closer. They tend us that true friendship doesn’t look at sex, race, species or any other differences – all that matters is that you’ve got someone you trust completely. As the Commander says: ‘There’s no Shepard without Vakarian.’

The stranger and Atrus from the Myst series

This pairing may be the most unlikely on today’s list considering they’re literally worlds apart, but the friendship between them has lasted through the years. Atrus calls on his pal’s assistance regularly, telling them things he’d confide in nobody else, and the stranger has answered every call. In return Atrus has given them the opportunity to expand their horizons and experience amazing adventures through beautiful worlds. They may have had to deal with some wicked family members along the way but not even time can break this bond.

Sam and Max from the Sam & Max series

Sam & Max, Hit the Road, rabbit, dog, detectives, Sam, MaxIn some ways these two couldn’t be more different. Sam is a verbose anthropomorphic dog who stays calm in most situations and rarely loses his temper. Max on the other hand is a ‘hyperkinetic rabbity thing’ who’s impulsive and indulgent, and loves nothing more to solve any problem in front of him with violence. They may be like chalk and cheese in terms of their personalities, but when they come together they form one of the best crime-fighting teams either – along with one of the strongest friendships we’ve ever seen in video games.

Mae and the rest of the gang from Night in the Woods

Mae, Bea, Gregg and Angus may have had their falling-outs over the years but regardless of what happens, they’re always there for each other. Whether it’s rescuing their town from some creepy cult dudes who sacrifice people to a god-like entity or helping someone who’s going through some mental health issues, they always support their friends. I particularly love the relationship between Mae and Gregg: they remind us how good it feels to get up to some mischief with your best mate and just be silly for a while.

That’s not all you’re getting for International Friendship Day because there’s another post coming next week! While you’re waiting, share the love by telling everybody about your own favourite video game duos in the comments below.

For sale: video game real estate

Last week I wrote about my dream development team and how all we needed was an idea (plus the necessary budget, technology and skills) to make a best-selling video game. Once that’s happened and we’ve found fame, fortune and critical acclaim, we should really start thinking about investing our money and upgrading where we live. So what’s available on the market?

As part of the Liebster award nomination from Morgan over at Fistful of Glitter, the people she selected were asked the question: if you had to live in a fictional world, which fictional world would it be? Join me as I step into an estate-agent role in this post dedicated to this lovely blogger, and take you on a tour through some of the most sought-after properties in video game settings.

A rustic chateau in an idyllic setting

The Witness, video game, castle, lake, trees, sky, buildings, gardens

With natural harmony and traditional design throughout, this rustic chateau is in need of renovation but has plenty of scope for improvement. Spacious rooms are accessed via a state-of-the art security system giving peace of mind; and seven well-lit bedrooms and nine bathrooms split between three buildings would suit a large family.

Flat-roof terraces suggest warm summer evenings spent looking out over the beautiful shoreline and idyllic surrounding areas. With the nearest train station situated over 300 miles away and no incoming roads, this property provides privacy and tranquillity for a buyer looking to get away from it all.

A modern apartment in the heart of the Citadel

Mass Effect, Mass Effect 3, video game, personal apartment, living room, fireplace, sofa, stairs, modern

Featuring a weapon bench, armour locker and private terminal, this modern apartment is conveniently located in the heart of the Citadel and would suit an active Commander. Its sleek interiors and high-end furnishings provide a place for buyers to move straight into without need for redecorating or maintenance.

Three bedrooms, each with their own bathrooms and the master with a hot-tub, provide plenty of privacy while several seating areas give comfortable spaces for company and lively conversations. With an art gallery, gym, bar counters and gaming table, this is the perfect property for those who like to entertain guests.

A cosy cabin at an attractive price

The Elder Scrolls, The Elder Scrolls V, Skyrim, abandoned shack, cabin

Situated along the northern coastline, this single-story cabin is the perfect for a buyer willing to take on a long-term renovation project. The original stone fireplace would make an excellent focal point for a cosy living room, with new windows offering views of the beautiful mountains and lake in the surrounding area of Hjaalmarch.

Traditional wooden walls hold a rustic charm and any engrained stains can be hidden with a lick of paint. The current owners have priced this property at an extremely attractive price and are looking for a quick sale; they have assured us that the cabin will be fully cleaned before the keys are handed over.

An ancient castle steeped in history

The Beast Within, Gabriel Knight, Schloss Ritter, castle, mountain, trees , sky

The grand Schloss Ritter was originally built in 1223 and stands high above the cobble-stoned streets of Rittersberg with its traditional shops. Previously passed down through generations of Schattenjäger, its walls hide plenty of ancient Bavarian history and mysterious secrets for those with an enquiring mind.

The castle’s aged exterior encloses an expansive entry hall, library, chapel and reception room, with staircases leading upstairs to ten grand bedrooms which would be perfect after modernisation. A new central-heating system combats against freak summer weather conditions and protective external walls defend from wolves.

An art-deco apartment in a unique location

BioShock 2, video game, personal apartment

Looking for a home in a unique location? This gorgeous apartment may be just the place for you, situated in the underwater city of Rapture and accessed via personal bathysphere. Its original art-deco features, high ceilings and curved windows provide for one of the most sought-after properties on the market.

Although some water-damage is evident and small repairs are required, the in-built gene bank mean genetic modifications are available all day without leaving your home. A three-sided fireplace and glass bay window in the bedroom make for a romantic and relaxing space after a long day at work.

Thank you so much to Morgan for nominating Later Levels, and congratulations to all of her other nominees! Start boxing up your belongings and loading up the removal van, and let us know which video game world you’d like to move to.

Your next career: the ‘best’ jobs in video games

In a recent trial at the University of Glasgow, it was found that playing video games could help improve your employability. Gaming was shown to help gain ‘graduate attributes’ such as communication skills, resourcefulness and adaptability, in a relatively short amount of time. Bonus!

So it turns out that our parents have been wrong all these years: the time spent with our controllers wasn’t a ‘waste’ and it has in fact been helping us secure the best and brightest jobs for our futures. So what careers do we have to look forward to?

Vacancy: Merchant

We’re looking for an experienced salesperson to join our team of qualified Merchants throughout the beautiful land of Hyrule. Your goal will be to maintain customer satisfaction to the highest level and ensure our clients are provided with only the finest goods that rupees can buy.

Your primary responsibility will be serving customers – well, customer – ok, that weird blond kid with the sword. Accounts will need to be balanced and hexagonal gemstones banked on a daily basis; and the handling of flammable goods such as bombs and lamp oils must be undertaken in line with all current health-and-safety legislation.


  • Experience of working in a customer services environment
  • Stock-management skills
  • Willingness to trade in an area constantly threatened by the reincarnation of evil
  • To register your interest, please apply to the Royal Family of Hyrule – by appointment only.

    Vacancy: Archaeologst

    A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity has arisen for a gifted Archaeologist to join us on our upcoming expedition to an exotic island in the middle-of-nowhere. No experience is necessary and training will be provided on the job; however, you must be willing to provide your own equipment.

    The successful candidate will be expected scale tombs, ruins and associated risks in their search for ancient relics and buried treasures. Setting up camp will be a regular requirement of this position, as is the healing of stab wounds, gun shots and injuries from bear-traps.


  • Flexibility to travel to countries across the world
  • Quick-thinking, with ability to remain calm under pressure
  • Able to adapt to unexpected reductions in team size
  • Please contact Winston Smith in writing at The Fridge, Croft Manor, Surrey, England.

    Vacancy: Mechanic

    Los Santos Customs is looking for a talented Mechanic to join our crew. You will be responsible for overseeing the repair of all vehicles deposited in the garage and delivering these to our clients at any location, although you may be ‘otherwise occupied’ at certain periods during your day.

    This role comes with serious risk but a steady salary will be provided to compensate. Please note that we are an equal-opportunities employer, willing to consider those under a wanted-level; however, we’re unable to accept applications from individuals with police associations at this time.


  • Automotive Maintenance and Repair NVQ
  • Ability to quickly grasp new vehicle technologies
  • Prepared to accept risk and provide own bullet-proof vest
  • Please hand your CV and covering letter into the garage between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Saturday.

    Vacancy: Plumber

    An experienced Plumber is required for a long-term contract in the Mushroom Kingdom. We’re looking for a new addition to our customer-focused team as we provide all aspects of support to residents throughout the land, keeping their pipes free of unwanted debris and dangerous vegetation.

    Hours are flexible although the person in this role will be expected to attend to call-outs in other dimensions where there is risk of hazardous reptilian infestation. Other duties as required will be assigned by line management; and a company van and uniform will be provided.


  • Level 2 Diploma in Domestic Plumbing and Heating
  • Willingness to take on duties outside of normal role
  • Please note: candidates with an allergy to fungi should not apply for this position
  • Interested parties should speak to Princess Peach at another castle to arrange an interview.

    Vacancy: Dancer

    A well-known, busy nightclub in the centre of the Citadel is recruiting for full- or part-time Dancers. With a ‘lively’ atmosphere supported by music provided by only the ‘best’ DJs, we provide excellent working conditions on a good starting salary with plenty of tips.

    Successful applicants will be responsible for providing visual entertainment and charming our exclusive clientele in between their business meetings. Matters of a confidential nature in connection with national security are regularly discussed by our patrons and as such, a sense of discretion is of the utmost importance.


  • Friendly, well-presented, with a love of working in public
  • Continuous sense of rhythm regardless of beat
  • Plenty of stamina – employees a required to move non-stop for a minimum of 10 hours
  • Auditions can be arranged by contacting either Doran or Rita at