My Secret Valentine: Willtendo

I don’t do Valentine’s Day. The pressure we’re all put under to go over the top to show those closest to us how much they’re loved on that particular day, when we should make the effort to do it every single day… urgh.

But an event that celebrates the talented writers around us and the friends made on our blogging journey? Now that’s something I can get behind. Creative Cupid Ian from Adventure Rules is very kindly hosting the Secret Valentine collaboration today, where he has played matchmaker to a group of dreamy participants. It’s now up to us to show our appreciation for the blogger we’ve been matched with and share what makes them so awesome.

So here goes…


Super Mario, Mario, video game, Valentine, hearts

Nintendo is red, WordPress is blue,
It’s time for another community do:
Let’s show our love for the bloggers we know
And to those that we don’t, let’s say hello!

Thank you to Ian for being our host
And giving me reason to write this here post,
Dedicated to a writer I haven’t yet met
And praising him for his creative outlet

I like video games, that much is true
But there are some well-known companies who
I just do not get or buy into the hype,
Their games aren’t usually my preferred type

Nintendo is one, I’m sorry to say
(Hopefully my confession won’t scare you away)
Although I played Mario when I was younger
I’m not all that interested, now that I’m older

But here comes Willtendo to open my eyes
He’s revived my interest, there’s a surprise!
College student by day and blogger by night,
William shares his opinions on his awesome site

In Willtendo Ranks, he considers then rates
Boss battles, franchises – William tells it straight
Super Nintendo World features in this post
Gohma on the Zelda ride? We’d all be toast!

Need an opinion? Then Willtendo Reviews
Will tell you the Nintendo titles to choose
Sounds like it’s not worth playing Mother
Based on William’s thoughts, I don’t think I’ll bother…

Now we arrive at the juiciest bit:
The Willtendo Rants section is where you’ll hit
On William’s viewpoints of a Nintendo sort
Such as this one about a Hyrule Warriors port

I may not be reaching for my credit card yet
To purchase a Switch and more gaming assets
But reading Willtendo has kept me informed
And made me consider another platform

My gift to William for Valentine’s Day:
Not roses or cards, things so throwaway,
The greatest gift that I can bestow
Is one more new fan along with a follow!

Ok, so that little poem wasn’t exactly Shakespeare and I need to do a lot of work on my rhyming couplets. But hopefully it’s inspired you to head over to Willtendo to check out William’swork if you haven’t met him already, and show him a little love this Valentine’s Day.