Married bliss: video game weddings

My other-half and I surprised our friends and family by getting married last January. It was something we’d decided to do only two months beforehand and we kept our plan a secret for as long as possible, so it ended up being a nice New Year surprise for everyone.

We’re still playing video games together a year on and there’s nobody else I’d rather have as my player two. Anyone who has watched Pete and I on Twitch together will have seen how we tease each other, but it’s all done in fun and he still makes me laugh every day. He listens when I need to talk, keeps me grounded and buys me chocolate too – what more could you want in a husband? Hopefully there’ll be many more anniversaries to come and to celebrate our first, here are some of the best weddings in gaming.

King’s Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow: Alexander and Cassima

King's Quest, King's Quest VI, King's Quest 6, video game, wedding, Alexander, CassimaI have a feeling that the royal wedding between the beautiful princess Cassima and prince Alexander split the inhabitants of the lands of the Green Isles into two camps. There would have been those who were believers in love at first sight, thinking the couple couldn’t wait to spend the rest of their lives together; while others would say they moved far too fast. Meeting for the first time, quickly falling in love and then getting married all in the course of one four-hour game? Slow down, kids!

Super Paper Mario: Bowser and Peach

Super Paper Mario, wedding, Bowser, PeachAlthough not the most successful or even mutually-agreeable wedding, that of Peach and Bowser was the first time the King of the Koopas did something a little more imaginative than simply kidnapping the princess. Sure, he kind of forced her into it at the start of Super Paper Mario but it meant we got to see just how good he looked in his tuxedo. Fortunately for both of them, the marriage doesn’t hold together and they don’t get to the point of having kids – because I’m not sure how that would have worked out.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: you and whoever you choose

The Elder Scrolls, The Elder Scrolls V, Skyrim, weddingSkyrim proves the saying about there being ‘plenty of fish in the sea’ to be true because you can wed almost anyone in this game. Don’t expect a romantic ceremony however because it’s never anything other than slightly awkward. Marry your lizard-partner while your adopted children moan about being hungry and wanting to play hide-and-seek, and your Housecarl glares at you with all their might. Then never speak to your spouse again because they’re based in Markath and you’ve completed all the quests there. Married bliss!

The Secret of Monkey Island: LeChuck and Elaine

The Secret of Monkey Island, Special Edition, video game, wedding, pirates, Guybrush, LeChuck, Elaine, monkies, churchLeChuck is no villain: he’s simply misunderstood and all his actions were done for love. He ‘dropped dead’ when Elaine told him too; and his feelings for the governor were strong enough to bring him back from beyond the grave and take the form of a ghost, because he couldn’t bear to be parted from her even in death. It’s just unfortunate that Guybrush spoiled his one chance at happiness when he interrupted their wedding – and then went on to destroy him with root-beer.

To The Moon: Johnny and River

To The Moon, video game, dancing, sky, lighthouse, starsThe relationship between Johnny and River in To The Moon has to be one of the most bittersweet in gaming. Throughout the game, their memories of both joy and sadness are shared and almost all of them are entirely ordinary; but it’s the ‘realness’ of this partnership which makes it all so touching. The scene shortly after Johnny and River’s wedding where they dance in her beloved lighthouse under the stars is beautiful and brings a tear to my eye every single time.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End: Nathan and Elena

Uncharted, Uncharted 4, A Thief's End, video game, wedding, photographs, Nathan, Drake, ElenaAlthough the wedding may only be seen in photographs during the game, the relationship between Nate and Elena is perhaps one of the best depictions of marriage in video games. It’s obvious this adventurous pair love each other deeply but their life together isn’t without issues. They make it work in the end thanks to the power of communication – but to be honest, I’m not sure how Elena puts up with him, his murderous ways or his annoyingly-sarcastic quips. Get out of there as soon as you can, girl!

Happy first anniversary to my other-half – I’m afraid to say you’re stuck with me now. At least you’ll always have someone to play video games with and tease on Twitch.   ❤

The way to a hero’s heart (a QotM answer)

June’s Question of the Month is brought to you by Luna from GamersUnited GG Blog: one of the friendliest bloggers in the WordPress community who has a positive outlook on life. To find out more about her and her site, as well as how you can get involved, take a look at this post.

How on earth is a villain meant to successfully take over the Mushroom Kingdom, Green Hill Zone and Hyrule? Each are protected by some of the most well-known and loved heroes, feared by their enemies and adored by their fans: Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog and Link. If you were a boss who was planning on taking over the world, you may decide to revise your plan when it came to these locations or even give up on it altogether.

However, this is the challenge set for the community by the lovely Luna and it’s one we must therefore see through bravely. I have to admit it stumped me for quite a while and at one point, I was going to opt out of this month’s entry; but while browsing through Instagram recently, inspiration hit and I think I’ve now formulated the perfect scheme. And it’s one that doesn’t involve any violence or bloodshed, just plenty of calories.

What do Mario, Sonic and Link all have in common besides being courageous defenders of their realms and sometimes incredibly unlucky? That’s right: each member of this trio is male. And what’s the thing they say is the way to a man’s heart? Apparently, it’s food. To be honest, it’s one of the ways to many women’s hearts also – including my own – so this answer is intended to be tongue-in-cheek and not in any way discriminatory!

First let’s head to the Mushroom Kingdom. Watching The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! in the late 1980s taught me that Mario’s favourite meal is spaghetti but we also know he’s partial to a slice of cake: Princess Peach usually bakes her Italian plumber a sweet treat upon her rescue. So he’d clearly love a homemade carrot cake and Peach would be thankful that someone had given her a break from the kitchen. No mushrooms harmed in its making and plenty for all the Kingdom’s inhabitants.

Next up we have the Green Hill Zone. Continuing my education from cartoons, it’s obvious from the Sonic the Hedgehog show that the blue hero’s preferred food is chili dogs (apologies for the poor quality of the video opposite). After speaking to him about the poor nutritional value of such a meal, someone would be able to persuade him to try a spicy meat skewer instead; and he’d then declare that everyone in the Zone, particularly Robotnik, should switch to a healthy diet.

Hyrule is last on our list. Although not something learned through watching The Legend of Zelda cartoon (well excuse me princess!), Breath of the Wild revealed how well Link could cook. But the last thing you want to do after completing a bunch of quests is make dinner and it must be really difficult getting a takeaway delivered by horse in the kingdom; so if someone was to step in and offer to make this green-suited saviour a three-course meal while he put his feet up, how could he say no?

And who would this someone be? Why, none other than the gorgeous Teri Mae from Sheikah Plate. She’s the hostess with the mostess and has been putting out her interpretations of recipes from the latest instalment of The Legend of Zelda series since May last year. While scrolling through Instagram recently, I came across her photograph of Wildberry Crepes and note about her first blogging anniversary – and then it struck me how she’d be the perfect villain for June’s QotM answer!

The thing is though, this blogger isn’t the sort of person who has it in her heart to be villainous. She could easily sneak a little something extra into any of the meals mentioned above and knock out the heroic trio in an instant but this isn’t a deed I ever could imagine her doing. She’d be more likely to invite the residents of the Mushroom Kingdom, Green Hill Zone and Hyrule to a dinner party and win them over with her kindness and charm.

So that’s my answer this month: my ‘villain’ would be Teri Mae and her ‘weapon’ would be amazing food. Congratulations to her on her first blogging birthday and may there be plenty more to come.   🎂

Creative Christmas: need for speed

It’s day six of the Creative Christmas collaboration, where a group of bloggers are joining forces to tackle 12 video-game-related questions all based around a loose festive storyline. Following on from yesterday’s entry about cheeky mistletoe kisses, the next we’re facing is:

You’re woken from your drunken haze by another frantic call from Santa, who’s worried he’s not going to make all his deliveries in time. Which video game item or vehicle would you recommend for him?

My answer

There are over seven-billion people in the world, meaning that Santa has an awful lot of stops to make on Christmas Eve. It’s therefore no wonder he’s fretting that the reindeer won’t be able to move their butts quickly enough! What we need here is top speed over a variety of terrain and there are plenty of video game vehicles and objects to give the man in red a bit of a boost (sorry Rudolf).

Super Mario, video game, Mario, pipes, warp zone

Both Chris from OverThinker Y and Kevin from The Mental Attic picked up on great ways to travel in December’s question of the month. The fast-travel option in games such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will instantly teleport you anywhere you’ve already been, making zipping around the world an awful much quicker; and the warp pipes from the Super Mario series would take Santa straight into people’s houses without the need to sneak down the chimney.

World of Warcraft, video game, vehicle, Mekgineer's Chopper, chopper, bike, sidecar

In terms of rides, how about the Mekgineer’s Chopper from World of Warcraft? Activate the sidecar and there’s room inside for plenty of presents and perhaps an elf with a mince-pie or two. Or if something more animal-orientated is to Santa’s tastes, there’s always the Strider from Horizon Zero Dawn; this horse-like machine can be overridden and will come whenever you whistle if you have the Call Mount skill (which the big guy obviously does, because reindeer).

The Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild, video game, Link, fire, cooking pot, recipe, hut, trees

There’s also the option of taking a little something-something to boost your speed – and it can be healthy at the same time. The Energizing Glazed Vegetables from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will instantly refill your Stamina Wheel and are a healthy antidote to all those mince pies (check out this recipe from Teri Mae at Sheikah Plate). And the Potion of Swiftness from Minecraft, as recommended by my stepson, will increase your speed by 20% so drink up.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, video game, sweetroll, cake, lizard, plate

No child will be left disappointed on Christmas morning: there’s no way Santa can be late in making his deliveries with this range of video game items at his disposal. And the thought of that nice tankard of mead and sweetroll waiting for him by the fireside at home will make him move all the faster.

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The Creative Christmas collaboration is open to everyone and further details can be found in this post if you’d like to join in! Wednesday’s question: Your help must have worked, because it’s now Christmas morning and presents are under the tree! There’s a fancy box with your name on it; which gaming-related item are you hoping is inside?

Question of the Month: December 2017 edition

T question of the month is back and will see us attempt to answer a quandary that has been puzzling the gaming community since it first wielded the Master Sword. We’re going up against our friends and blogging neighbours in order to find the ultimate response in less than 100 words – and we’re asking you to choose the winner by voting in our poll.

But first, let’s take a look at last month’s question and find out who won!

Results: which video game character wears the least appropriate clothing for the activity they’re doing?

We received 12 votes in our November poll and you lovely people voted for… drumroll, please… it was a tie! Votes were split across six different answers so there was no clear winner.

But still, congratulations to everyone involved! A big thank you to all of our competitors for taking part and to you amazing people for voting. Now let’s see the competition start to heat up for the next question of the month

December’s question: which video game character would do a better job than Santa?

We all know and love Santa Claus, but maybe he needs to get with the times and consider new ways of doing things. Maybe there are some video game characters out there who can give him a run for his money! Let’s reveal our contenders for the December 2017 trophy…

Answer 1: Manny Calavera from Grim Fandango

Head over to GeekOut South-West to visit Tim, where he’s discussing why he’s chosen Manny as his answer this month.

Answer 2: The Dragonborn from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Chris from OverThinker Y says: “The Dragonborn from Skyrim has a few things going for him / her, not least of which is a handy little ability called ‘fast travel’. The power to almost instantly teleport to anywhere you’ve already been makes zipping around a giant world much quicker; if it’s somewhere they’ve not been yet, just get a carriage ride – they’re just as quick! Remote location? No problem: hop on a horse and allow it to gracefully gallop up the side of a totally vertical mountain, completely unfazed. Storm in the way? Just use the Clear Skies shout and you’re golden. It’s such a heavily modded game that I bet ol’ Dovahkiin’s already donned the red and white at some point!

“(Oh, and I know fast travel technically does take time in-game, but let’s not forget that our horned-helmeted friend has access to a slew of time-altering abilities: they can slow things down while aiming a bow, or use a Shout to slow time or move faster through it, or if you want to get really funky, there’s always console commands!)”

Answer 3: Link from the The Legend of Zelda series

This month, Imtiaz from Power Bomb Attack has decided to go for Link as his answer. Head over to his site to read about his reasons why.

Answer 4: Kratos from the God of War series

Want to know why Nathan has chosen Kratos as his answer this time around? Go say hello to him over at Hurricane thought process and read his argument for this character.

Answer 5: Guybrush Threepwood from the Monkey Island series

Kim from Later Levels says: “Four reasons why Guybrush would do a better job than Santa:

“1) I’ve already proven why he’d make a good mailman. And what’s the main thing that mailmen do? Make deliveries.

“2) Guybrush can carry literally anything in his inventory, meaning less cruelty to reindeer. Need to transport seven-billion presents around the world? No problem: he’ll find a way to cram it all into his pockets.

“3) Forget socks: expect imaginative gifts such as voodoo dolls, monkey wrenches and rubber chickens with a pulley in the middle.

“4) Running late? Simply double-click to transport anywhere instantly and ensure those gifts are delivered on time!”

Answer 6: Max from the Sam & Max series

Luke posts his thoughts on his blog, Hundstrasse, along with his monthly answers. Take a look at this post to find out why he chose Max this time.

Answer 7: Mario from the Super Mario series

Kevin from The Mental Attic says: “Mario’s done it all, from saving the world to playing tennis while moonlighting as a Doctor. He’s proven he’s a man of many hats — quite literally at times, especially if you consider his latest outing, Mario Odyssey — so donning Santa’s hat would be a cinch. He already looks good in red, he’s got a ship and chimneys are kinda like pipes, which we all know are his specialty. And considering the many Warp Pipes we’ve seen over the years, he’s probably got one that goes to every kid’s house. Also, his overalls can hold items — like toys—of ludicrous proportions!”

Answer 8: Oliver from Ni no Kuni

Say hello to Ian from Adventure Rules, and find out why he’s chosen Oliver as his answer to December’s question of the month.

Answer 9: Bowser from the Super Mario series

The lovely LightningEllen from LightningEllen’s Release has chosen Bowser this month, and you can read her reasons why here.

Answer 10: Sonic from the Sonic the Hedgehog series

Luna from GamersUnitedGG has opted for Sonic the Hedgehog this month – will this will be winning answer? Take a look at this post to read her argument.

Answer 11: Sonic from the Sonic the Hedgehog series

Could Faith be a good replacement for Santa this year? That’s what TriformTrinity thinks – head over to his site and take a look at this post for his reasons why.

So who’s got it right, and who’s got it so wrong that they deserve to receive nothing for Christmas except a lump of coal? Place your votes in the poll opposite or give your own suggestion in the comments below, and we’ll reveal the most popular answer on Tuesday, 02 January 2018 along with the next question.

Got a question you’d like to see us struggle over next month? Leave us a message or get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!