The secret to blogging success

Hey you! Yes, you!

Do you have a blog?

Have you been told it’s the best blog in the world, but don’t see a follower count to match?

Have you been tempted by dubious SEO deals and offers to purchase hundreds of followers?

If you’re tired of putting all your time and effort into awesome posts only to have nobody read or comment on them, then our newest product is just the thing you’ve been waiting for!

Revive both your site and spirits by using Community and Collaboration, the latest innovation in the blogosphere. With its ingenious simple-to-use design, it lets you take control of your blog and increase your subscriber count all in one go.

Step away from those follower purchases – you don’t need them! They may seem like the solution to your problems but trust us: we can all tell when the numbers have been artificially bumped. Those questionable offers you receive via email or social media just cost you money and make your site and look as though you’re not willing to put in the effort.

With Community and Collaboration however, you can improve the popularity of your blog and have the satisfaction of knowing you did all that through your hard work alone! Just follow our effective five-step process to achieve the blog of your dreams:

  • Step 1: Go out there and read other blogs. Get to know amazing writers and all of the wonderful people you’ll soon be working closely with.
  • Step 2: Follow those blogs you admire, leave comments, ask questions. Start dialogues with all those awesome writers and get the conversation going (but don’t spam).
  • Step 3: Link to posts by other bloggers on your own site. It may sound counter-intuitive but has scientifically-proven by our in-house researchers to improve results!
  • Step 4: Think of new and creative ideas of ways to collaborate and get the community together. You’ve got an amazing project inside you – you just need to let it shine.
  • Step 5: Welcome new visitors to your blog and say hello when they leave a comment. See your follower count rise and new friendships develop!

  • Salesman, sales, pitch, success

    Get in touch with us today to arrange a FREE, no-obligation conversation with one of our friendly bloggers. Discussion may include finding you have something in common, the sharing of ideas and the building of relationships.

    Disclaimer: Later Levels provides totally independent advice. While Community and Collaboration has been shown to be successful, your blog may deteriorate through neglect if you fail to keep up the effort and publish posts on a regular basis.

    Gamers blog party: summer 2017 invitation

    Club Tropicana may have its free drinks, fun and sunshine but it’s missing one very important ingredient: you. It’s time for our latest blog party here at Later Levels because there’s no better way to celebrate the start of the summer and upcoming weekend – as well as meet some new blogging friends and read their amazing posts.

    A number of you lovely lot attended our last party back in March and we enjoyed it so much, we decided to start hosting them each quarter to say thank you. It’s our way of showing appreciation for all of your support and recent award nominations (much love to Matt from The Album for the latest mention), and providing a way to find awesome sites you may not have come across already.

    The rules are simple:

    🎉   Arrive at the party: the first thing to do is introduce yourself, so say hello in the comments section below and give an introduction to your blog to welcome new readers.

    🎉   Present your gift: think about the posts you’ve written since March and choose your favourite or one which was really fun to write, then provide a link to it in your comment and explain why it was chosen.

    🎉   Mingle: grab a bowl of nibbles and colourful cocktail, and mingle with your fellow guests! Check back on the comments throughout the day to discover excellent blogs and meet some new bloggers.

    🎉   Party all day: the comments below will be open until 06:00 GMT on Saturday, 01 July 2017 so you’ve got plenty of time to meet and greet. Plus we’ll be sharing your posts on our social media channels!

    Hopefully our latest blog party will be a way of providing a friendly social hub where people with similar interests can interact and find wonderful posts they’ll enjoy reading. Have fun – and excuse me while I top up the bowls of peanuts and turn the music up a little louder!

    Versatile Blogger Award: getting to know you

    At the beginning of April, Recreational Hobbyist nominated Later Levels for the Versatile Blogger Award. Head over to the site to find posts on a different hobby each month – and make sure you check out this one about the trials of being a gamer mom.

    I was caught up in the arrangements for the GameBlast17 marathon stream with the Gamely Giving team last month, and I’m now finally getting the time to catch up. There are several outstanding posts I need to finish (apologies to the Recreational Hobbyist for taking so long to publish this); and even more on your amazing blogs that I need to find the time to read!

    There’s a part of the Versatile Blogger Award I really like: the rules state that nominees have to share a number of facts about themselves and this is a great way for getting to know one another better. But there’s also a side I don’t like: one of the requirements is that you have to nominate ten other bloggers in return. How can I possibly nominate that few when I currently have over 130 in my WordPress reader that I thoroughly enjoy?

    That’s why I’d like to do this post a little differently, if I may: I’d like to ask everyone reading this to add their mark by leaving their answers to the following questions in the comments below. Hopefully this will act as a channel that enables bloggers to find others with similar interests, and increase the number they follow in their reader!

  • Location
  • Currently playing
  • Best gaming memory
  • Worst gaming habit
  • Favourite soundtrack from a video game
  • Dream cosplay
  • Preferred ice-cream flavour
  • A link to the most-liked post on your site

  • It isn’t right to ask something I wouldn’t feel comfortable answering myself, so it would only be fair of me to share my answers too. Here goes:

  • Essex in the south-east of the UK
  • Horizon Zero Dawn and Jalopy
  • Meeting Ragnar Tørnquist and Martin Bruusgaard
  • Saving… then saving again, just in case
  • Everything’s Alright from To The Moon
  • Cheetara from the original ThunderCats
  • Mint choc-chip or anything with white-chocolate
  • So many games, so little time

  • A big thank you to the Recreational Hobbyist for our nomination, and to all of you gorgeous people for your support. I look forward to seeing your answers below!

    Gamers blog party: your invitation

    Are you a gamer who’s looking for an entertaining, creative and charming date this weekend? Then search no more because you’ve come to the right place. What better way to celebrate the start of a few days away from work and the coming of spring by reading awesome new posts and meeting talented blogging friends?

    We’ve been fortunate enough to receive several awards since starting Later Levels in December and we’re extremely grateful for everybody’s support. Each time we’re nominated it reminds us how lucky we are to be a part of the WordPress community: we’ve met some lovely people and talented writers, who have given us gaming recommendations which we’ve really enjoyed playing! We’re therefore hosting this gamers blog party to say thank you and give our readers a way to find amazing sites they may not have come across already.

    The rules are simple:

  • Think about the posts you’ve written and choose your favourite, or one which was really fun to write. Be a considerate party guest please: any inappropriate or offensive posts won’t be accepted.
  • Say hello in the comments section below and give an introduction to your blog. Provide a link to the post above and explain why you’ve chosen it.
  • Now grab a bowl of nibbles and a glass of something sparkly, and get ready to mingle with your fellow guests! Check back on the comments throughout the day to discover amazing blogs to follow and meet some new blogging friends.

  • Hopefully this blog party will be a way of providing a friendly social hub where people with similar interests can interact and find wonderful posts they’ll enjoy reading. The comments below will be left open until 06:00 GMT on Saturday, 18 March 2017, giving you plenty of opportunity to meet and greet.

    We’ll be sharing the links provided on our social media channels so stay tuned for updates. Have fun!   🎉